Royalton St. Lucia Resort & Spa


St. Lucia



Featured Project – Royalton St. Lucia Resort & Spa
Location: Smugglers Bay, St. Lucia
Contractor: NH International Caribbean Limited

This project, which was managed by Blue Diamond Resorts out of Mexico, consisted of ten (10) buildings, distributed in roughly a semi-circular arrangement across the proposed job site with large swimming pools, landscaping and other ancillary facilities enclosed within. Our contract included the design and construction of nine (9) of the buildings which included eight (8) accommodation buildings and a main building. The multi-storey accommodation buildings were constructed from reinforced concrete in record time using the FORSA formwork system, but the main building was constructed using structural steel due to its tall floor to floor heights and long spans. Similar to the Kempinski, Dominica job site, the St. Lucia soil conditions varied from soft, low bearing capacity conditions to competent, high bearing capacity conditions. Ductile iron micro-piles were therefore utilized in the soft soils and traditional pad and strip footings in the more competent soils. 

The accommodation buildings had predominantly the same features with minor differences in building heights, lengths and special rooms at the roof level. The contractor was initially awarded the concrete works on the accommodation buildings and then subsequent to that was then awarded the finishes and fixtures contract and then the main building contract.