We provide structural engineering design services to the housing, commercial, manufacturing and energy sectors in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Eastern Caribbean.


Continuous improvement is at our core. At Aleron Limited, a privately owned and operated enterprise, we aim to be a world-class structural engineering company providing premium quality deliverables to all our clients in the industrial, manufacturing, private/domestic and commercial sectors. We shall never cease to expand and widen our knowledge base through continuing professional development and we shall always seek out new and innovative ways to deliver projects to our clients via the most economic path without compromising quality, health, safety, security and the environment. 

Through constant local and international training and development, we shall keep abreast of the latest technological advancements and breakthroughs in the areas of: design methods, building codes, standards, specifications, specialist chemicals, construction materials and construction techniques to ensure that we optimize our ability to provide value engineering solutions to our clients and contractors.

Meet The Team

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Structural Engineer II

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Senior CAD Technician

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Structural Engineer I

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Structural Engineer I


Aleron Limited is a structural engineering consulting firm which was incorporated on April 5th 2011 to provide structural engineering design services for a broad range of sectors of Trinidad & Tobago and the Eastern Caribbean. The company is based in South Trinidad thereby setting itself apart from its competitors who are all based along the east-west corridor. To date, Aleron Limited stands shoulder to shoulder with the already established North Trinidad based design engineering firms and provides competent and cost-effective engineering services to the public – and more conveniently to our south based clientele.

The company’s core staff comprises a dynamic group of individuals whose collective experiences make Aleron Limited a powerful contender in the industry, worthy of consideration for the most complex, ambitious and technically challenging projects. Our company is the company of choice for clients interested in the timely delivery of a high-quality product within budget. Aleron is lead by its principal, Mr. Brendon Inniss a registered professional structural engineer with over fifteen (15) years experience in the industry.

Our Core Values


Integrity, honesty and fairness in the execution of all our duties, inclusive of bidding, designing, proper engineering and construction work processes and quality assurance.

Return on Investment

We deliver value engineered solutions commensurate with the fees agreed to by our clients. To maintain our standard, we shall respectfully decline to bid on the project should the fee for services offered by the client is considered to be unsatisfactory.


Maintenance of high standards in the implementation of proficient structural analysis and design of all structural elements. We embrace new challenges as they bring forth intrigue and force us to stretch our imagination and utilize every possible resource available to determine a viable solution, thus increasing our technical competence and experience.


Our designs shall consider at all times the health and safety of the construction field personnel involved in the execution of the works. The specialist chemicals and materials specified shall be deemed environmentally safe so as to be inert to humans and the eco-system.


To produce designs that encourages the use of construction materials that require minimal maintenance effort and simultaneously increases the longevity of the building or non-building structure.

Client protection

To indemnify the client against engineering malpractice pre and post construction.

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Do you have what it takes? Are you highly motivated? Do you think you have the knowledge and skills to help our clients achieve their goals? If you're looking to grow your career within a stable and growing engineering services company, then Aleron may be right for you.