Caribbean Gas Chemicals Limited


Trinidad & Tobago



Client: Caribbean Gas Chemicals Limited
Developer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Methanol Plant
Location: Union Industrial Estate, La Brea
Contractor: Kee-Chanona Limited

This project, which was managed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, consisted of four (4) of the eight (8) Engineering Procurement Construction buildings. The other four were awarded to another design-build contractor. The buildings awarded to our team were; the Administration and Production Building (APB); the Central Control Building (CCB); the Laboratory Office Building (LOB) and the Electrical Substation No.1 (ES-1). Most of the buildings proved to be a complicated design in some form or fashion. The APB had to go on piles and had a gabled roof with issues surrounding the use of prequalified moment connections. The CCB had a raised floor and the structure had to be blast resistant and the ES-1 had deep underground trenches with a high water table.