East Coast Apartments





Featured Project – East Coast Housing Development
Location: Eastside of Dominica
Contractor: MMCE Development

The Government of Dominica aims to offer equal housing opportunities to every resident of Dominica. In line with this, Montreal Management Consultants Est. Ltd. will develop housing projects at 5 different strategic locations that cover the East side of Dominica.

These housing projects will benefit the communities of Castle Bruce, La Plaine, Delices, Grand Fond, and San Sauveur.

There will be 2 buildings for each location and each building has (9) one-bedroom units, (20) two-bedroom units, and (4) three-bedroom units with a total of 330 apartment units.

The East Coast Housing Project has these outstanding features:

  1. Modern and climate-resilient structures designed to withstand hurricanes and seismic forces.
  2. Reinforced concrete and decorative roof structures that ensures water tightness and stability
  3. All windows are made of impact-resistant glasses
  4. Solar water heating structures

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